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Here are the provisional new dates for the 4th Havant Music Festival – 22nd April to 2nd May 2021 with an update from Faith.

Much as we are longing to bring you lots of different kinds of music to enjoy at prices you can afford, (while at the same time trying to raise money to keep music going in our schools and help the new generation of musicians to establish some sort of career), our small committee cannot put on concerts while the need for social distancing and bans on singing and wind instruments continues for the foreseeable future.   Many venues are limiting numbers to audiences of perhaps 50 people at most, so to pay for the venue, advertising and the performers would mean charging over £20 pp.

Live music is under a huge threat.  Musicians are taking valuable but routine jobs in shops and delivery work, simply to pay their bills, while their talents are wasted.   Meanwhile the joy of attending a live performance is denied to people just at a time when their souls need refreshing.

The performers we were hoping would be able to perform in October are mostly willing to try again between April 22nd and May 2nd.  It may be that we can have a shortened programme, but we will have to see what is happening after Christmas with this deadly virus that we do not want to inflict on anyone.   We do not want Havant Music Festival to die.   If you would like to help us keep it alive, please message us via the website or facebook page.  

Meanwhile, please do try and support music that is available virtually or in a few venues (eg in Portsmouth, or at the Spring Arts Centre or St Faith’s Church in central Havant).  We will try and put links on our website to some of our favourite performers’ pages so that you can sample what might be in store for you in 2021.

Please stay safe and well till we can meet again.

Faith Ponsonby

Chair, Havant Music Festival committee.

Havant Music Festival is a volunteer led annual event for the Havant Borough, showcasing the talents of groups, choirs and soloists from the Havant area. Any donations or surpluses from ticket sales will help us put on future events and support music education projects among young people in the locality.

Support Street is local social enterprise who are offering a brilliant free service which enables you to donate online to the vision of the Havant Music Festival. You can donate now or scan the QR code. Your support will be very welcome.

Welcome to the 4th Havant Music Festival.

Run by local people for local people. Played by local musicians.

Faith Ponsonby,
Chair of Havant Music Festival

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