Thank you to all our sponsors

We could not achieve the Music Festival without the generous support of our sponsors, Havant Borough Council, Havant Rotary Club and the Meridian Centre, the super performers, many of whom do this for love of music. Many churches and community halls welcome our concerts, and we thank them, too. The volunteers and staff of the Spring helped us to sell the tickets. Especially though, I would like to thank the organising committee, all volunteers, who plan the performances, help with publicity and support each event. A huge thank you to all of them.

Last year our efforts helped us collect nearly £1000 for Cllr Elaine Shimbart's Charity fund when she was Mayor in 2017/18. We also were able to put on a free workshop for primary school children, introducing them to the joys of drumming, singing and playing a harp.

Sadly the cold, dark nights during the 2nd Havant Music Festival meant we had very small audiences, so we lost money.   However, if our efforts this year succeed in making a profit, this will be put partly to fund the 4th Havant Music Festival, and partly to take music into schools as well as helping young musicians and some local musical groups. I spoke last September at a conference about the vital role music can play as a therapy for many, and with funding for music and the arts disappearing in our schools, we will try to do what we can to share with residents of Havant and young people the joys of listening to or making music.

Thanks to all of you, our audiences, for coming to support us.

See you next year!!

Havant Rotary Club

Havant Rotary Club is proud to help with the funding of the 3rd Havant Music Festival.

We are a service organisation helping local and international communities, working with other Rotary Clubs locally so that funds are wisely spent and there are no overheads. In Havant we raise money with the Christmas Sleigh, and support Young Carers, Seniors' outing, Southern Domestic Abuse and many others. We welcome new members to join our friendly Club. To find out more, please email Trevor on

The Havant Rotary Cub have contributed to the posters and the fliers and they'll help with the stewarding at the concerts.

The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre

The staff at The Spring have provided their ticketing services and given a warm welcome to the Havant Music Festival

The Meridian Shopping Centre

The Meridian Shopping Centre is an enthusiastic sponsor of the 3rd Havant Music Festival

The Meridian Shopping Centre prides itself on being a safe and welcoming place for you to shop, visit and enjoy our events. The Shopping Centre is in the heart of Havant and a real hub for the local community, so we are proud to host and show our support for the Havant Music Festival.

The Meridian Shopping Centre has funded the website and provided inspiration and encouragement.

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